Lillian's 2018  Pricing
Delivery and pick up available in Savannah area - pricing based on location. 
Place Settings
Brunch, Luncheon or Dinner
Over 250 available of each - priced per piece

Dinner Plate                       10 inch                   $ 2.00
Salad Plate                         8 inch                    $ 1.50
Bread/Dessert Plate           6 inch                    $ 1.25
Cup & Saucer                                                  $ 2.50

limited numbers available:
Berry/dessert bowl              5 inch                    $ 1.00
​Flat Soup bowl                    8 inch                    $ 1.00

The plate sizes listed are approximate. The actual size varies slightly by manufacturer and the era in which the china was made. Varying the size adds whimsey to the mismatched look.

Vintage Glassware
Goblets in clear patterns or a mix of patterns and colors.                
With china rental per glass                                        $ 1.50 
without china rental per glass                                    $ 2.00

Classic Tea Party for Twelve
Two Tea Pots - one silver and one china  
Two sets of cream and sugar
One Lemon Plate
Twelve Trios - cup, saucer and sandwich plate
Two Cake or Sandwich serving plates
Twelve cake forks and tea spoons

$ 65.00  Customer pick up and return within 48 hours

Serving Pieces

Oval Platters
Small                                       $ 3.00
Medium                                   $ 4.00
Large                                       $ 5.00

Serving Bowls
Round or Oval                         $ 4.00

Gravy or Sauce Boat 
with under plate                      $ 2.00

Cake/Sandwich Plates 
9.5" to 12" some with handles
Round or Square                     $ 4.00

Tea Pots
vintage china                            $ 6.00

Lemon Plates & Small Trays
decorative pieces for lemons, 
chocolates, mints, or nuts          $ 2.00

Tiered Server
Three tiers of plates                    $10.00
Two tiers of plates                       $  8.00

Cream and Sugar 
vintage china                               $ 5.00

​Cake Stand                             $10.00
vintage china   

Silver Trays
large oval silver plate                   $10.00                    

Lillian's China
Silver plate Flatware       
priced per piece                                               $0.75    

We have over 200 dinner knives, dinner forks, salad forks, teaspoons, and cake forks. 

Soup spoons available in limited numbers.

Silver plate Serving Pieces
Serving spoons, forks, ladles, cake/pie servers
per piece                                                         $1.50